Monday, December 10, 2012

Moogle Nails

Hi guys!

I decided to do a design featuring one of my favourite characters of all time! They're from the Final Fantasy series and they're soooo cute! It's the moogle! Kupo!

Kupo Kupo! <3

I applied a base coat as usual. Then two coats of Wet n Wild Black Creme which I let dry. To paint the moogles, I used a fine paint brush and applied the white outlines of the moogles. Then I used, Cheeky Monkey's Man Eater as the bobble above moogle's head, OPI's Let me entertain you for the nose, Black Creme again for the eyes, then I used a Sinful Colours pink for the adorable ears. Once it was dry to touch, I added my top coat. I used Essie's Good to Go.

And that's it. Took me quite a while since I had to use alot of products and moogle's cute and fine details! Hope you enjoyed looking. While you're here, I have some more pictures for viewing!

As an added bonus, I'm gonna show u guys a design I did for these nails when I experimented with them for the the first time! You can decide whether I improved or not :P

Take Care!

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