Wednesday, June 26, 2013

China Glaze Want My Bawdy

Hi guys!!

Another post today of a swatch. Hehe I've been doing a few of these lately and it's kinda lame I know. But maybe some of you will enjoy seeing these colours. They're my own personal picks but sometimes I realise that the colour in the bottle is not always an accurate representation of how it looks on your nails so this is what these posts are for!

Want my bawdy, silly as this name is, is a really unique looking duochrome polish at first glance but when applied, it's a purple-ish blue frost on the nails. I wish it didn't have that minimal amount of streaking though. I supposed it's because of the frost effect that it has. Otherwise, it only requires about 3 coats to become opaque.

It's somewhat comparable to this layering combo I did couple posts ago. At the very least, Want my Bawdy reminds me of it.

Essie Smokin Hot + OPI The Color to Watch
That's all I have for today guys! Hope you are enjoying your week/day so far!

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