Monday, March 4, 2013

Sally Hansen HD High Definition Nail Color in 16 Laser

Hi guys,

This one is so pretty but so hard to photograph because it's duochrome or whatever fancy word describes it. It basically looks like two or more colours rather than just one. I found it in a random place. I was on the way to a job interview (not even a serious one) and saw this little liqidation sale going on at a subway station that I seldom go to. And I noticed nail polish & cosmetics were on sale for really cheap so I decided I would stop by after the interview. I did and I picked up a bunch of nail polish. This is one that I got. It is Sally Hansen Laser, such a cool name.

It wasn't easy to get a decent photo of this one because as you can see it shows up mostly blue in the pictures and you only see a tiny bit of purple. But this isn't accurate at all. In real life, it comes up as BOTH blue and purple and not just one overpowering the other. Do you get what I mean?

I have two pictures that show more of the purple but it's still not 100% accurate.

This bottle picture is probably best representation of how it looks on the nail. I don't know why but my camera is telling me that colour in the bottle does not translate onto the nail but that isn't the case.
Anyway, that's my camera/colour woes for you! Hope you enjoyed looking!

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