Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gold Glitter Manicure with Forever 21 Love & Beauty, China Glaze GR8

Hi everyone,  I did this manicure with one coat of China Glaze GR8 and one coat of Love & Beauty polish I bought from Forever 21. It was only $3.80 not including tax. I hear its under 2 dollars in the states though. Very good deals either way. It is a gold glitter polish with tooooons of fine gold&silver glitter but it also has a ton of this small hex glitter that has a holo effect. This is what made me buy it because holo is obviously one of my favourite effects <3 And not only that but it is opaque in one coat! It is such a steal.

Annnnd pics


This one shows how sparkly! Yay for sparkles!

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