Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nfu Oh #52

Hi everyone, I have a really neat polish to show you today. It is my favourite polish of all time because it's just so generally beautiful and crisp and pleasing. I really like it! I would describe it as a flakie polish in a purple jelly base. It has flakies that shift from green to blue to purple and gold. It isn't quite as opaque tho because of the jelly like consistency. It does however have a really good amount of flakies and shimmery pieces and can coat your nail with one coat. But it's just so pretty. I wish I could still use this polish until it finishes but that would be devastating because it would be done and I would have to order another one! But if anyone is interested, it can be ordered from Fabuloustreet.

This bottle I've actually had for over a year but it looks like it's only halfway done. If it gets too goopy, it works very well with some nail polish thinner.

In these pictures I used a coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme to add opacity and to also prevent me from using too much coats of Nfu Oh #52. And after that  I just applied one coat of #52 and top coat and that was it. Easy, simple and quick. Hope you enjoy reading

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