Sunday, February 24, 2013

NOTD China Glaze It's a Trap-eze!

Hi everyone, NOTD here~

2 coats over 1 coat of a white creme

3 coats

3 coats
I'm not exactly sure why I feel a gravitation towards these multi-coloured glitter nail polishes. Maybe it was the craze that began when Deborah Lippmann released Happy Birthday (shown below);

but I could never justify spending over 20 for a bottle of nail polish so I sought out alternative options like Claire's and this China Glaze I'm showing you right now. It has blue, pink, gold, orange, red, white glitter pieces in a light blue milky base and I could probably list more but I'm not going to cause it would be kinda tedious and that's already a ton. This polish came out with the Cirque Du Soleil collection not too long ago.I have to say I enjoy it now that I'm feeling more brave to apply more than 1 coat. Though I know in a couple of days this is gonna be a pain to remove...


  1. Man, this is such a cool polish! I haven't seen it in person yet though! It looks like cupcake frosting :)

    1. Thank you! That's a really sweet comment ;)


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