Thursday, January 31, 2013

Microbeads Manicure (finally Yay)!

Hi everyone, another post tonight because I did this tonight. Actually my friend's manicure I did it last night. So here is tonight's manicure on my own hands because I had wanted to experiment with microbeads nails or "caviar nails" for the longest time! I just never got around to it. This is a good thing to do for the final post of January because it is so intriguing to look at. It reminds of tadpole eggs for some reason or some kinda fish eggs. That must be why it's called "Caviar Nails." Lol duh!

I pretty much painted OPI Let Me Entertain You (from a past collection called Burlesque) and Love and Beauty purple nail polish. I think the two colours go really well together because they're in the same family and have red in common. They're also really sparkly and cute.  Then I added a microbeads which are extremely extremely tiny beads. Probably the most tiny beads I have ever witnessed. I show you picture below :)

 As you can see, a part of the wheel have mixed up beads, which I really don't like because it kind of defeats the purpose of the wheel container it comes with. I used the beads second from the right and sixth from the right.

I know from some of the pictures below that my beads didn't quite distribute over the whole entire nail on my ring finger and that one has some fading. That is because I've actually never done it before, the next time I do this technique I have to remember to go on easy on top coat and to make sure that the edges are covered with beads. Another issue I got was the blue/purple beads showed more blue than I was expecting which is not that big of a problem but it kind of clashed with the pink/purple already on the nails.
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